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Ground Support Test Equipment

RMS Ground Support Test Equipment division is internationally recognized in the field of Aircraft Line Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair. Tooling is for Engines/APU, Airframe, Test Cell and Workshop usage.
With 52 years of experience in development and production, RMS confidently provides the customer with the very best in:
- Equipment compatibility to many A/C and engine types
- User friendly handling
- High accuracy
- High reliability
- High quality resulting in:

          - Savings in man-hours / costs
          - Reduced amortisation time
          - Increased work efficiency
          - Faster / more accurate test results
          - Increased monitoring capability
          - Better aircraft / engine set-up
          - Minimised operator error
          - Increased better operator safety

All items have been made to measure for their specific application.


Corporate Office USA 
Wolf Jahn
944 Morris Street
Cincinnati, OH 45206
Phone / Fax: (513) 469 0605
Mobile:          (513) 237 4385
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