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Engine Test And Calibration System TEE62-2

CFM56-2/3 CF6-6 / CF6-50

to achieve a continuous VSV Tracking Curve simultaneous to the run-up of the engine for evaluation whether an optimum rig is required

to conduct a remote VSV feedback adjustment should an optimum rig be necessary

to perform the slow-acceleration / differential-acceleration performance test

to shorten the slow-acceleration performance test time



to conduct a single, dual/ or multi Remote EVC and 3.0 BLEED feedback adjustment.

Real time X Y plot and/or display of EVC and 3.0 BLEED position in dependence of N2 temperature corrected speed

Data Display/Transfer: visual on-screen, plotter,


For futher information, see the illustrated data sheet you can find in our download area as a PDF file or contact RMS.