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The RMS V2500 BLEED VALVE TESTER P/N TEE90 is a portable, self-contained unit, used for testing the V2500 bleed valve system. The test set operates both the bleed valve and solenoid valve independently.

All components necessary for the required tests are housed in a rugged case on wheels.
The test set comprises a hand operated pneumatic folding pump, capable of supplying pressure or vacuum with analog dial gauges to indicate pressure / vacuum levels. The unit also provides electrical power to the engine-mounted solenoid valve.

The test set may be powered from a mains or aircraft supply in the range 100 / 240 V, 50 Hz - 400 Hz or alternatively 20-30 V DC.

To aid detection of bleed valve movement in noisy environments a headset has been provided.

All pneumatic pipes, power leads and accessories are stored in the lid of case.


For futher information, see the illustrated data sheet you can find in our download area as a PDF file or contact RMS