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SW9600 Flex-Twin Electrodynamic vibration test system up to 300 kN

Product Info

SW9600 Flex-Twin - two shakers, one price

Powerful with full flexibility - ideal for battery tests & other heavyweights

Our newly developed system SW9600 Felx-Twin extends the water-cooled electrodynamic vibration test systems to 300kN sine / noise. The system is ideal for endurance testing in the limit area. In regular operation, two tests can be carried out at the same time. This results in an expansion of the usage requirements: there are two universal usable shakers instead of one special shaker!

  • Push – push vertically
  • Push – pull horizontal
  • Push – push vertically and horizontally

The SW9600 Flex-Twin system shows the frequency range up to 2000Hz much better than a single – 300kN shaker. With the SW9600 Felx-Twin we were able to implement a new standard in the usual quality.

Designed for continuous use under full load, the shakers in this series ensure maximum operational stability and are also particularly low-maintenance.

"Backpack" Vertical & Horizontal Shaker

"Push - Pull" with Slip-table between the shakers

"Doublepack" for very large slip tables


  • up to 300kN sine / random
  • up to 600 kN shock
  • very high flexibility in tests, e.g. for battery tests
  • ECO mode for maximum energy savings
  • 3.5 m / s for 100g / 11 ms shocks
  • quiet amplifier: 65dBA sound emission
  • highly precise: 0.1g to max without significant noise (SNR: 68dB) thanks to SiC technology
  • Fully automatic center positioning
  • Light and adapted sliding table solution with enlarged pictures
  • Complies with EnEV2016 and ISO14001
  • Energy-efficient and space-saving thanks to water cooling
  • modular & compact design with many expansion stages


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