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Inertial and tilt technology: fibre-optic gyroscope supported by DGPS and MEMS sensors.

We measure accelerations, rotation rates, position and orientation for your automotive systems. With an artificial horizon – naturally.

RMS supplies you with systems for measuring dynamic vehicle parameters in road tests for passenger vehicles and trucks, in rail and shipbuilding technology and in the stationary test set-up of test laboratories.

Our fibre-optic gyroscope strap-down platform, which is supported by DGPS and MEMS, serves to determine quality and performance. It reliably detects the position, the situation in the room, the accelerations and rotation rates for all major vehicle axles – including those in the tunnel.

With the measurement steering wheel, you can determine the material, driving safety, comfort and exact course, position, steering angle and steering torque for a wide range of driving manoeuvres.

With the steering and brake robots, you can not only perform defined manoeuvres with extremely high repetition accuracy, but also guarantee identical parameters in case of repeated attempts.

systems for measuring dynamic vehicle parameters.

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