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Digital power amplifier TGE13 - The Power Bank

TGE Digital Power Amplifiers

Power amplifier "Made in Germany" for electrodynamic vibration testing systems with ECO functionalities extremely economical

Structure of the power amplifier

The RMS power amplifiers of the TGE13 series are modular units. In slots that can be expanded from 5kVA to 22kVA modules in 19″ control cabinets. These have a high degree of protection against water and dust, combined with corresponding protection against accidental contact according to DIN-EN. A conservative system design and active ventilation of the cabinets ensure that the system can be operated at room temperatures of up to over 30°C. OEM version available with customer’s front panel.

Highlights 1
The oil temperature control from the RMS enables smooth operation in combination with climatic chambers from -40° to +120° C in continuous use: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Highlights 2
Only V-bearings specially developed by us are used in RMS sliding tables. These V-bearings are designed to function without jamming even in extreme temperature ranges and to absorb disruptive moments!

Weight efficient magnesium alloy
Competitors swear by aluminum – we use the best: high-strength and weight-optimized magnesium alloy for the best testing performance. More power for the test item and better test results at the same time. Absolute lightweight construction for a lot of payload.

Vibration damping
RMS sliding table systems use granite plates to dampen unwanted vibrations of the receiving plate.

Emergency slide bearing
RMS sliding tables all have emergency running properties: brief bearing jams are coped with. This makes our slide tables absolutely low-maintenance and robust. The positive consequences are less downtime and lower costs.

Sliding table dimensions
Thanks to the modular structure, we already have a wide range of standard systems. The product range extends from 600mm x 600mm to 2500mm x 2500mm.

Dimension and Test Weight

  • 2500x2500mm 1400kg
  • 2000x2000mm 600kg
  • 1500x1500mm 330kg
  • 1200x1200mm 200kg
  • 1000x1000mm 140kg
  • 800x800mm 100kg
  • 600x600mm 60kg

Of course, we are happy to develop special formats according to your requirements.

TGE Power Modul


All plant status information is available via the HMI

  • indestructible power modules
  • Automatic Eco mode with an intelligent range of functions
  • Fully remote controllable from PC via network
  • various free input and output aisles configurable by the user
  • All system status information can be called up via the operating touch panel (Hmi).
  • complete system configuration
  • Symbolic representation of the system with colored status display
  • different user rights
  • Error memory including all current data as a data logger
  • several operating hour counters for the entire life cycle
  • Full help system integrated
  • Multilingualism can be switched with a button
  • Connection of any number of HMI with genuine safety lock according to the Machinery Directive


Our trained sales team will be happy to provide you with further information about our products.

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