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Single- and multi-axle motion simulators with an accuracy of < 10 arcsec, synchronisation better than 1 and accelerations up to 5,000 g.

Accurate/Precise, stable, dynamic and custom-made for individual specifications as required.

Our motion simulators are specially tailored test systems designed specifically according to your requirements. From single-unit production for special tasks to globally standardised test systems in the production of, for instance, ESP/airbag control devices (electronic stability control) and from inertial platforms to production supervision in research and development.

We offer you both single- and multi-axle motion simulation with (rotation) rate, position, sine and freely programmable  modes of operation. Our systems meet extremely high standards for positional accuracy, dynamics, synchronisation accuracy and stability. We achieve this level of accuracy by using a highly dynamic, directly driven, brushless torque motor and with precision bearings and high-precision optical angle measurement systems.

The technical values:

  • Positional accuracy < 10 arcsec
  • Torque 1 Nm 1,000 Nm
  • Rotation rate up to 36,000°/s
  • Angle accelerations up to 1,000,000°/s
  • Sine up to 1,000 Hz
  • Energy-efficient, highly dynamic, directly driven, brushless torque motor
  • Mechanical precision bearing or air suspension
  • High-precision optical angle measurement systems

The components:

  • High-performance motion controller hardware developed in-house
  • Innovative software tailored to the user’s requirements with an intuitive operating concept
  • Control technology with power- and auto-tuning functions
  • Power electronics and safety technology
  • Temperature/climate chambers from various manufacturers

Just like our simulators we are always on the move – with the utmost precision and lots of power.

We offer single- and multi-axle motion simulation.