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We offer single and multi-axis motion simulation / rotary tables.

Single and multi-axis motion simulators / rotary tables, with an accuracy <10 arcsec, a synchronization better than 1 and accelerations up to 5000g.

Extremely precise, stable, dynamic and custom-made on request.

Our motion simulators / rotary tables are test systems specially tailored to your requirements. From custom-made products for special tasks to globally standardized testing systems in the production of e.g. ESP / airbag control units (Electronic Stability Control) and inertial platforms to production support in research and development.

We offer you both single and multi-axis motion simulation / rotary tables with (rotation) rate, position, sine and freely programmable courses. Our systems meet a very high degree of positioning accuracy, dynamics, synchronization accuracy and stability. We achieve this accuracy through the use of a highly dynamic, directly driven, brushless torque motor, precision bearings and high-precision optical angle measuring systems.

The technical values:

  • Torques 1 Nm to 1000 Nm
  • Yaw rate up to 36,000 ° / s
  • Angular accelerations up to 1,000,000 ° / s
  • Sinus up to 1000 Hz
  • Positioning accuracy <10 arcsec
  • energy-efficient, highly dynamic, direct-drive, brushless torque motor
  • mechanical precision storage or air storage
  • high-precision optical angle measuring systems

The components:

  • powerful motion controller hardware from our own development
  • innovative software tailored to the needs of the user with an intuitive operating concept
  • Control technology with auto-tuning functions
  • Power electronics and safety technology
  • Temperature / climatic chambers from various manufacturers

Just like our simulators, we always keep moving – with extreme precision and a lot of power.

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