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SW9113 Atex Electrodynamic vibration test system for Ex areas


Explosion-proof, reliable and performant - safe RMS

Our shaker SW9113 Atex is the only electrodynamic vibration test system worldwide that can be operated safely in potentially explosive areas. Of course, our vibration systems meet the current EU directive 2014/34 / EU (Atex) and are certified by TÜV. Protect the most important thing you have: your employees and your business premises. Trust in over 10 years of Atex experience at RMS.

The SW9113 Atex is based on the SW9100 series and thus offers sufficient power for testing heavy test objects. Ideal for testing injection systems, fuel pumps etc. in real conditions.

In addition, enough power for batteries or products with similarly heavy masses: up to 160 kN in shock mode.

Application areas:

  • Explosive tests
  • resonance detection
  • Aging & strength tests of sensors
  • Testing complete assemblies

The special geometry of the magnetic frame allows a very high speed of the exciter with minimal energy consumption. The wear-free return spring system works without rollers or roller-like additives and offers a high degree of lateral rigidity despite a travel amplitude of 76mm pk-pk. Of course, the SW9100 series meets all current standards from the automotive, aerospace and consumer industries.

The use of special RMS guide elements effectively reduces any transverse acceleration that may occur. Ideal for high test setups or asymmetrical focal points.

Sophisticated safety circuits guarantee maximum safety for your employees, your products and the vibration exciter itself. Designed for continuous use under full load, this series ensures maximum operational stability and is also particularly low-maintenance.


  • Mature and optimized Atex concept
  • safe operation in potentially explosive areas (Ex)
  • Atex compliant (Directive 2014 / 34 / EU)
  • Certified by TÜV NORD
  • up to 80 kN sine / noise
  • up to 160 kN shock force
  • 3.5 m / s for 100g / 11 ms shocks
  • Fully automatic center positioning
  • ECO mode for maximum energy savings
  • Complies with EnEV2016 and ISO14001
  • More energy-efficient, space-saving and quieter thanks to water cooling
  • modular & compact design with many expansion stages


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