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Electrodynamic vibration test systems up to 300 Kilonewton, up to 2.500 Hertz and 3,5 m/s.

All our systems are provided to you from the first draft to the final production stage – in other words, from A to Z.

RMS supplies you with vibration test systems that you can use to test the behaviour and reliability of your products and components when subject to vibration and shock loads. This means that smartphones, satellite thrusters, battery systems and much more can be validated in good time, conforming to standards and across all sectors.

All RMS systems use a high-performance and space-saving water-cooling system, are designed to have a long service life and high degree of maintainability, feature an optional swivel mechanism and are easily combined with climate simulation chambers from all leading manufacturers. With our sliding tables, both vertical and horizontal vibration and shock simulations can be carried out.

RMS is both a developer and manufacturer of all system components

  • Vibration generator
  • Control software
  • Digital amplifier
  • Sliding tables
  • 16-channel controller
  • Fittings for test specimen fixtures
  • quiet: water cooled shaker with heated/cooled slip table in 5m/s² resonance search: 57dBA emission
  • quiet amplifier, for all >80kN shakers: 65dBA emission
  • high precision: 0,1g to full power without significant noise (68dB signal to noise)

As a result, we guarantee the perfect coordination of all components and are able to respond to your specific requirements comprehensive and flexible – from the first draft and the development to the final production stage.

Everything from A to Z, entirely RMS.



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